Sunday School

Sunday School has Bible study classes for preschool, children, middle school students, youth, singles, couples, men, women and senior adults.  

Find your class and teacher in the following list.
 Birth to One  Sandra Humphrey
 Two's and Three's
Denise Gardner
Beth Davis
 Four's and Five's  Cheryl Martin
 Children's Director  Connie Dooley
 1st & 2nd Grade  Connie Dooley
 3rd & 4th Grade  David & Ruby Wiginton
 5th & 6th Grade  Pam Kennedy/Diana Wilson
 7th - 12th Grade (Girls)  Laura Wortham
 7th - 12th Grade (Boys)  Mickey Dooley
 Adult I (Young Adults)  Greg Love
 Adult III  Gary McBay
 College and Career  Jammie Cowden
 Charity  Carol Perrin
 Faith  Suzanne Glasgow
 Children's Ministry
 Keith & Tonya Carpenter
 Mickey & Connie Dooley
 Brett Hall
 Scott & Laura Wortham
Sunday School Director
General Secretary
Extended Sessions Director
Extended Sessions Director Asst.
 Scott Wortham
 Lester Hallman
 Carol Wesson
 Lib Denman
 Wendy Hudson